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  Middlebury Library Resources
   Middlebury Public Library
Have you looked lately at the resources our community library has to offer teachers.. and students?! 
- Online Resources - Links that include: ebooks and audiobooks/book recommendations/free music downloads/and 25 more topics - a "Kids Home" page with multiple activities and links - a "Teens Home" page designed to meet the interests of teenagers

  Snipping Tool
Have you tried the snipping tool (available on windows 7 and beyond? This is a great tool for being able to grab just a portion of what is displayed on the screen. Click on the snipping tool (go to the start circle and it should be "pinned" there - looks like a pair of scissors). This will lighten your display and bring up the tool's window. You have have four choices of snips: free-form, rectangle, window snip (automatically snips the open window), and scree-shot snip. For the first two types of snip, you will draw around the item you want. Once you have done that a window will display with options to: start a new snip (cancels the current), save the snip as an image, copy the image (for easy pasting into another document), or email it. You also have options to annotate the snip with different colors of pen and highlighter (yes, there are even color options!). Try it out!
Pin items to your Taskbar
 So first what is the taskbar - right? It is that area at the bottom (or side depending on where you put it) of your monitor that has the start circle, folder icon, date and time etc...
You can pin some programs to this taskbar for quick/easy access. I put things here that I use all the time such as the snipping tool, active inspire, paint, camtasia etc....
To pin something here navigate to that program (don't open it) and right click. There will be an option for "pin to taskbar"
* note: DeepFreeze on the desktops will wipe this each night. :(
Copy and paste text into the vocabgrabber box and it will analyze the text and it will color code what it considers the most useful words and show you how they are used in context. You can sort the words by relevance, subject, occurances, and familiarity. 

Additionally (and this is cool), it will give you a visual thesaurus map and definitions for that word. You can even add the icon to your bookmarks bar and it will grab words from any website you are on.!
 This is pretty cool. It isn't minecraft, but it is a builder that is free and will allow students to create designs online. Grades 6+ can use their google sign in to share their work. There is a "Build Academy" that will walk you/students through the features of the site and provide them with practice using the rotate features etc... to learn how to manipulate the bricks etc... 
Random picker. You can customize the spinner with your students names, numbers, or other text. You can also save your text with a password for editing, Also, you have the option for the chosen names to be removed as they are chosen or not.
Google Tricks
Okay, just for fun, open a new tab in Google Chrome so that you have the search bar. Type in "do a barrel roll" (no quotation marks) and hit enter.......  :) 
Now enter: 
zerg rush (I tried this and simply could not defeat the Zergs!)

To stop the madness just close that tab.
 Narrow search results by reading level
In Google, type in a search. Once the search results are displayed, choose "search tools" from the menu bar at the top (web - images-news-videos-shopping-more-search tools). A new menu will display (anytime - all results - your location). Click the arrow next to "all results" and choose by reading level. A chart will be displayed indicating the percent of results at basic/intermediate/advanced levels. Click on the applicable word to display the results for that level.
 Kahn Academy Classroom
Kahn Academy has created an interface where teachers can create a classroom (no student emails needed to add students to your class) and monitor student progress. There are topics for all grade levels (elementary, check out the math program) and almost all subjects. Language Arts teachers - they are still building that part of the program. 
  Digital Scrapbook allows you to build a digital scrapbook. It has all sorts of features you might use in a hard copy scrapbook: colorful page background, letter styles, ability to write text, "stickers", and more. No downloading is needed to get started. The finished scrapbook can be shared via a web address, on facebook, and even printed. I created a scrapbook that outlines the features of this program, click here to view it.
 Google Drive Quick Create
 This Extension (which will display at the end of your address bar) allows you to quickly create a Google doc, sheet, presentation, drawing, or form. The new file will be saved in your drive (remember to sign-in to your drive). The icon will be the usual triangle-ish image. Click here to add this extension
 This is an interactive bulletin board. It is a little different than padlet. You can post pictures and videos, add different backgrounds etc.. Here is an idea to try. Post a question that students can/should respond to, maybe have them view a video that they will respond to. If you make the board (or canvas as they call it) public you can allow others to post sticky-note responses. Better yet, have each student create their own board for a topic and other students respond - a different way to have a discussion!