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Tech Tip Tuesday

  Screen Shot
Want a "picture" of your entire screen? Next to your F12 key at the top of your keyboard is a print screen button. Click this button to capture whatever is displayed on your screen. (Nothing will appear to happen, but your computer is saving the screen view to the computer's clipboard). Open a document (Word, Publisher, Google Docs!) and paste the screen shot. (ctrl + V). 
Want to crop some of the page? - click on the image, go to the picture tools tab that displays (when you are clicked on the image) for all the options including cropping the image.
 Webpage history
 For Google Chrome use ctrl + h to bring up your browsing history. You can clear specific data or the entire history. For Internet Explorer  you can also use ctrl + h or click on the down arrow (located next to the magnifying glass) to review your recent history.  
Always show the bookmarks bar
If your bookmarks bar (you know that great space that allows you to save your favorite websites??!!) in Chrome shows sometimes, but not other times you just need to do this: click the configuration lines (3 parrallel lines to the far right of the address bar) then "settings". Under appearance, check mark the "always show the bookmarks bar". Now your favorites will always be on display. For more on bookmarks in Chrome watch the video by clicking HERE.
 Keyboard Shortcuts
 This is popular every year! Click HERE if you want a printable version of the keyboard shortcuts to post by your computer (this is a good way to learn them - to be able to see and practice them!)
Keyboard shorcut
zoom in and out
For the internet. To zoom in hold the ctrl key and click the =/+ key to zoom in. To zoom out use the ctrl key and the - (dash). 

(If you are in a Microsoft program - see the bottom right of the window for a zoom slider!)
 flip your screen
This can be just for fun - or to undo what a student did to their (or some else's computer). To flip your screen orientation use the keyboard keys ctrl + alt + one of the four arrow keys left, right, down, or up (which brings it back to "normal")
 display addresses
You know how when you need to add email addresses to your email, but when you click "To" the global address list doesn't come up?? Well.... no problem!!

Type a letter of the person's first or last name into the address bar, then use the CTRL + K keyboard shortcut. All the the names that start with that letter will display (first or last). Then just click on the name you want. So cool!
 Lock your screen
ctrl + L will quickly lock your screen to the ctrl + alt + delete screen. You will then just need to enter your password for access again.
 emailing a cell phone
Did you know that you can send a text to a cell phone by email? There are probably some people you know that view their text messages more often than their email! It also saves you if you have text limits on your phone. The "address" is a combination of their cell phone number (including area code) and the wireless companies domain. See the list below. Responses will come back to your email. 
Using the star in Google Drive
Do you have an abundance of documents and folders in your Google drive and/or shared with me?? Trying to find a way to quickly access your most accessed items?

There is an empty star to the left of each document and folder in Google Drive. By clicking on that star, you are making that folder or document a favorite. The star will now be yellow and these items can be found in their original location as well as when you click on the menu item "Starred" (on the left). This is very useful for quickly finding documents and folders you access all the time.

Voice search 
Open a new tab in Google Chrome. Click on the microphone at the end of the search bar. Enable voice search. Click on the microphone again and speak your search! 
  Math calculators
This page on the website has all sorts of math calculators: fractions, LCM, LCD, polynomials, vectors and matrices, plane geometry, and more....
 Select and Speak
Select and Speak is a Chrome Extension. It will display a "play" icon at the far right end of your address bar. You can highlight any part of a webpage and it will read it aloud. It isn't quite as clean with a google doc; it starts at the top of the window reading all the headings, menu items etc... before reading the document.
 url shortener
Chrome Extension
The google url shortener extension (icon displays at the far right of your address bar once added) is a quick way to take a long url (web address) and simplify it to a shorter one for pasting and/or sharing. Here is the long version of this url: and here is the shortened version using the chrome extension. -- much easier to share. You also have the option to create a QR code of the url.